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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Serenity from Eden Fantasys

Recently, in the mail came my brand new Serenity rabbit vibrator in pink. The Serenity is a simple three speed, push button waterproof vibrator molded for clitoral and g-spot stimulation. I will admit, I am a fair novice when it comes to adult toys, so I opened the box with little idea of what to expect beyond the product description. I was instantly pleased by the metal box the Serenity comes in, and the vibrator itself rests within a molded piece designed to keep it in place so that it doesn‘t roll around in the tin. The box clasps shut with two firm metal rollers so that you can use the tin for storage, which I think is better than just slipping the vibrator into a drawer and certainly keeps it a great deal cleaner.

When I touched the vibrator itself, taking it out of the tin, I inspected its material and shape. The material itself is somewhat sticky, so hair and debris is attracted to it. When I set the vibrator down for a moment on the bed, it got a few hairs on it that I had to wash away. Since the Serenity is waterproof, though, it is really no trouble to wash and doesn’t damage the product. What I found I like about the material most is that it is soft enough to mold to the body, not stiff such that it would cause discomfort or pain when inserted. If you press on it, though, it doesn’t give, so it is firm-- firm but forgiving. The shape itself is curved at the tip for g-spot stimulation. Naturally, as soon as I took it out of the tin I also gave it a sniff to see what it smelled like. Instead of a plastic or unpleasant smell, I found that the Serenity had a pleasant almost fruit-like smell that dissipated after a pre-washing of the product.

I put new batteries in it and turned it on to gauge how long they would last. It seems that fresh batteries only last a few hours at top speed and the vibrator heats up around the plastic base if you keep it on for an extended amount of time. As long as the Serenity isn’t kept on the highest speed for a drawn out amount of time, it should be okay. I noticed that when the batteries are about to die, too, the lowest setting stops working, or you might need to give it a light tap to get the motor to come on. If you notice this happening, time to change the batteries. The noise isn’t that bad at the first and second speed setting, however, the third setting can seem sort of loud. Fortunately, it isn’t loud enough to hear outside of my room, so the toy is discreet for my purposes.

And now the burning question: does it work?

Yes, it does. Again, being new to the whole thing, I worried that I would do something wrong or completely fail at it. Yet it seems this sort of things is fail proof. I can say honestly that I see why so many women call their vibrators their best friend. Because of the shape of the Serenity, one need apply little effort, and the third speed setting is quite strong-- I found setting number two to be good enough for me. Since the material is a little sticky, using a water based lubricant made it easier to insert. The size is thick, but not too thick. I would consider myself on the small side, and I did not have any trouble with the length or girth, though it’s certainly not a small or thin sized vibrator. The intensity of the orgasm I had took me by surprise. I have never had such a strong or long lasting orgasm. Usually, I climax through either clitoral or vaginal stimulation, but never both at the same time. The Serenity vibrator allowed me both at once, and the result was amazing.